Mount Rainier and The Beauty Below Her

My mid-May trip to see Kevin in Packwood, Washington has hardly gotten started, but one short trip led to all these photos. I’m using my camera phone and his Olympus. Distance photos are impossible on my phone, but Kevin’s camera keeps having battery issues. Still, I hope you enjoy. These are all Phall Photos 2014. Click on to enlarge.

South-west view of Mt. Rainier.  From a hill above Packwood.

South-west view of Mt. Rainier. From a hill above Packwood.

Taken with the Olympus. Wild things, of the green and colorful kind:

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Taken with my phone camera in the woods and around Packwood:

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5 thoughts on “Mount Rainier and The Beauty Below Her

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’m pretty impressed with the quality of photos with your phone. My iPad can take really wonderful close-up photos (which was a happy surprise at an art exhibit), but sucks when it comes to normal view or distance.

    • It is a Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini and I am amazed what it can do too. I just wished it would zoom in on a bird in a tree, but I guess I’m lucky it does as good as it does.

      • I’ve heard good things about the Galaxy. I have a cheap pay-as-you-go phone that actually takes good pictures, but they are stuck on my phone — can’t email them or download them. I get what I pay for … or not 🙂

  2. I particularly love the snail shell in strawberry plants and the tananger. I saw a Scarlet Tananger (bright red with black wings) a few days ago, but he would not hold still for a photo. He flitted in the branches of an oak tree just getting leaves. Soon he’ll be hidden by green.

    • Thank you for stopping by again, Elaine. I started to walk past that snail shell, but then I thought it was so perfect on top of that flat rock and with strawberry runners all around. The strawberries are everywhere in this area; in the lawns, beside the roads and deep in the woods. Normally, they cling to the ground, but the ones growing in shade reach up for the sun and are leggy and tall.
      I found 2 great bird feeders at an estate sale and got some seed, so now we wait for the rumor to get around to the bird community, that there’s food at Kevin’s place 🙂
      Happy weekend and hopeful Tanager sightings:)

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