Getting Wild On My Dentist Travels

My dentist is 40 minutes away. I have to go, but I can have some fun on the way back! I was running late and could barely keep my truck on the road… I kept seeing cool things to photograph and explore. That’s why it took me two hours to get home 🙂 The road between Grayland and Raymond is filled with pullouts and logging roads. The winding 2-lane road holds back Willipa Bay on one side, and the wilds of the forest on the other side. Big job for such a little road. Of course, I was enticed by the wild side. Here is a sampling of the photos I took.

Click on any photo to enlarge.



This one has been tough to identify, but I couldn’t stop taking photos. Caught a few bees taking a sip…Mountain Phacelia imbricata or Rock Phacelia egena. Either way it is a type of scorpion-weed. As you can see, the morning glories love it too.

Speaking of morning glories…Calystegia sepium is such an exquisitely beautiful pest. I have witnessed her trying to strangle everyone she meets.

Rubus laciniatus, Cutleaf Evergreen Blackberry or Evergreen Blackberry is a prickly and tasty wild one. The berries are unique and fruitier than the other blackberries.

Delicate, but mighty, Queen Anne’s Lace-Daucus carota.


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