Morning Glory Evening On Willipa Bay


As you already know, I’m having a lot of dental work done in South Bend, WA. It’s a 35-mile trip from Westport, but what a beautiful stretch of roadway it is! I’ve shared many of my photos of the plants and other wild things along the way, but not many of the bay itself. Once I pass the tiny towns of Grayland, North Cove and Tokeland, there is a long winding road that dips inland in a few places, but mostly runs parallel with the shoreline of the bay. Please enjoy these few evening shots along the bay, and indulge me in a few more morning glory photos. I just can’t get enough of their simple beauty. Taken with my phone camera 2 days ago. Six photos in the slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “Morning Glory Evening On Willipa Bay

  1. Patti, these are sick, girl!!! Such simplistic beauty it takes my breath away! Can’t wait to show Ging these!!! So we can feel tortured that we’re not there!! lmao 😉 Sharing these now!! ❤ xo

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