A Sunrise Drive; Creatures and Other Things of Land, Water and Air


Oh, what a perfect day to get out and catch all that emerges with the rising sun; boats setting off for a day of fishing, a raccoon stealing food intended for the Jetty Cats, pelicans, seals, and a few Northern flickers.

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4 thoughts on “A Sunrise Drive; Creatures and Other Things of Land, Water and Air

  1. Beautiful photos. Still not sure how u get your close ups and landscapes with a point and shoot. Also the northern flicker last frame looks like it’s trying to bury its head ? And the sun sitting on the ocean is sunset is it not?

    • No, these are all this morning’s sunrise. Flicker was digging away, had his head all the way in that hole! My camera has 20x zoom and my phone camera does great distance shots, sometimes good close ups, if I can hold it right next to a flower and the light is right. Many professionals use digital cameras these days.

  2. Beautiful, Patti. You take me to the nicest places. I’m partial to coons, but not too close. I spend too much time working at my computer and not enough taking photographs. Balance is off. I did get a third planting of both gladiolas and lettuce in today. My garden produces despite the weeds.

    • I’m working on that balance too, Elaine. I stopped taking my computer on my short overnight trips and took FB and email off my phone. So when I leave home I can enjoy the moment. Glad you are enjoying too. My favorite gardens are a little messy with weeds 🙂

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