Love on the Wing and a New Dock

Tokeland, Washington on Willipa Bay

Memorial Day weekend 2016

I finally took a drive (about 14 miles) to check out the new dock in Tokeland, and ended up with an eyeful of Rock Pigeons during their mating ritual. Who knew pigeons and doves kissed? Not me, and actually they don’t (says the experts), they “preen” each other. A preen by any other name is a kiss (in my book). I thought it was so sweet I began recording them kissing and dancing around each other, then !CLICK! my inner prude turned off the video. I just want to say that it was incredibly quick and she took off immediately and left him staring out after her.

Okay, so the new dock. It’s new. There was one boat or ship (not up on my nautical terminology) and since the new pilings are all topped with those pointy anti-bird caps, the Seagulls were lounging on the dock. I swear, they were sipping drinks and listening to Jimmy Buffet. They love it!

The Cormorants were split between breaking in (pooping all over) the bright and shiny warning markers in the middle of Willipa Bay and hanging out at the old pilings near the entry of the bay. There was a Seagull sitting in a nest on top of one, and a Harbor Seal pup playing hide and seek under them. Standing on the old dock. I could see his white speckled body in the shallow water, but only got a shot of him peeking his head up. A pair of Loons were cruising in the area and some Scoters and Scaups were snuggling on the sand beyond the old pilings.

Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay