Homer, Alaska

FALL 2014

I numbered each photo this time, so you can tell where you left off, or make a comment about a specific one. I split them up so you can watch a set, then come back later and watch another. I’ve been working on this for two days and decided to publish it and add two more sets later: “The Mansion” and “Mushrooms and Other Fungus.” You can watch the first slideshow while the others load.

Our (mom & I) drive from Eagle River, across the Kenai Peninsula, to Homer and back again 5 days later. Don’t miss the last couple photos, which are just plain bizarre! (162 photos)

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In Homer. (11 photos)

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The Beluga Wetlands Overlook behind the Homer airport and Louie’s Lagoon on the Homer Spit.  (99 photos)


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To, from and at my sister and her husband’s cabin in Peterson Bay, 5 miles across Kachemak Bay. Not numbered, because I don’t want to scare you off, plus, I can’t count that high 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Homer, Alaska

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  2. Beautiful views, but how much snow do they get in winter and for how long. It looks like a majestic place to live. You have to be a very special person for that kind of life. I watch a few shows about people that live in Alaska, Yukon Men, The Kilchers, and a couple of other shows. I really enjoy the shows, but could never live that lifestyle. Marvelous photos.

    • Thanks, Patricia. It snows Oct through April or May. Except for one sister, I am the only one in the family who doesn’t live in Alaska. Most say that they will never live anywhere else. I left when I was a teen and didn’t come back for about 15 years. Now I spend almost as much time here as I do at home on the Washington coast.Love the summers, but just don’t get the reason for staying in the winter.

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  4. Love so many of these. Laughing at the swan butt in the air. rushing river, red hillside (is that called fireweed?), ‘shrooms, and glaciers. I’m glad to see glaciers.. I wonder for how long. Bizarre, but that dog on the board seems so cool and at home. Odd folks out on the water.
    Thanks for the beauty from a world I don’t know.

    • Yes, fireweed, Elaine. I’m addicted to taking photos of its many beautiful stages. The swan butts make me laugh every time. Wherever there are glaciers, there are people talking about how far they have receded, just in their own lifetime. Sad news.
      The dog on the board and the surfers, all felt very surreal. Did we really see that? Thank goodness for photos! 🙂
      Glad you found time for these slides, I often think of you when I’m making them.

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