Juneau, Alaska

Shortly before Jan 2, 2014, I ran an ad on Craisglist, and several of you have asked what I said in the ad:

Need Driver 4 Hours Jan 2nd (Juneau)

Amateur photographer/writer would like to take a photo tour of glacier and other points of interest in Juneau area on layover, Seattle to Anchorage. Est 2:30 p.m. until dark (back to airport by 6:30).I live on small pension, so can’t afford taxi’s at $70. and hour. If you have a safe vehicle with insurance and want to make a little money for a fun couple of hours, please respond asap. I’ll buy dinner too, if we have time.Need good brakes and can respond quickly to, “Oh, stop there! Yes, right here.” Hopefully you know your way around and can point out some good photo ideas.I need 2 reference that I can easily contact by phone before Jan 1st. Will need to leave copy of your valid Driver License with airport personnel. I smoke, but can do that outside of vehicle.Send me your phone number in initial email through CL and I will contact you.
Through this ad, I hired Brian Rotola and “met” his girlfriend on the phone. Kathy had the great idea that we hit the scenes that required full light first, then move onto scenes that I could shoot in evening or full dark. We all hoped that Kathy could meet us at some point during the photo tour, but it didn’t pan out. They have invited me for summer fishing, and more photo visits any time. Considering the great new friends I made and some fun shots of Juneau, I’d say this was a 100% successful Craigslist adventure for all concerned.Mendenhall Glacier

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Auke Bay Harbor

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Mendenhall Wetlands

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To, from and on Douglas Island, overlooking downtown Juneau.

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Downtown Juneau by night.

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I hope you had time to look at them all. I also hope Brian bought a good camera and is out taking better photos than these.


7 thoughts on “Juneau, Alaska

  1. Beautiful, Patti. I’m glad there was still glacier to see. May not be there for long. Much more snow in NY. You took some fantastic shots of sky and light reflecting off ice and water. Such still water. You inspire me to go to Seneca Lake for a photo shoot, but we expect a foot of snow in the next 24 hours and gusty wind. Good day to stay home, I’ll snowshoe the woodland trails and let trees protect me from wind.

    • Thank you, Elaine. I was a bit disappointed with my photos, but this is a learning experience all the way. It was such a beautiful place and I do hope to get back some day.
      Always glad to see you stopping in and commenting.

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