Between Inlets and the Ocean

East Fork Satsop River

East Fork Satsop River

Or…between The Cascades and The Olympics. Like the eyes on the portrait that follow your every move, these mountain ranges gaze down at you, no matter the direction you travel…more on my blog post Phall Photo Friday; A Few Map Inches and 3 Counties here:

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The Blossoming of The Garden Bike

Shortly after the secret garden was begun, a neighbor moved out and left the bike to my friend, Greg, whose property I live on. He donated it for the garden project. Just like the garden itself, I keep adding, subtracting, rearranging and moving the garden bike. It’s about as permanent as anything gets around me, since I planted ivy below it and have it crawling up through the spokes. I also planted sedum below the rear basket. I’m working on a series of the secret garden, from beginning to today.

Morning Glory Evening On Willipa Bay


As you already know, I’m having a lot of dental work done in South Bend, WA. It’s a 35-mile trip from Westport, but what a beautiful stretch of roadway it is! I’ve shared many of my photos of the plants and other wild things along the way, but not many of the bay itself. Once I pass the tiny towns of Grayland, North Cove and Tokeland, there is a long winding road that dips inland in a few places, but mostly runs parallel with the shoreline of the bay. Please enjoy these few evening shots along the bay, and indulge me in a few more morning glory photos. I just can’t get enough of their simple beauty. Taken with my phone camera 2 days ago. Six photos in the slide show.

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Getting Wild On My Dentist Travels

My dentist is 40 minutes away. I have to go, but I can have some fun on the way back! I was running late and could barely keep my truck on the road… I kept seeing cool things to photograph and explore. That’s why it took me two hours to get home 🙂 The road between Grayland and Raymond is filled with pullouts and logging roads. The winding 2-lane road holds back Willipa Bay on one side, and the wilds of the forest on the other side. Big job for such a little road. Of course, I was enticed by the wild side. Here is a sampling of the photos I took.

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This one has been tough to identify, but I couldn’t stop taking photos. Caught a few bees taking a sip…Mountain Phacelia imbricata or Rock Phacelia egena. Either way it is a type of scorpion-weed. As you can see, the morning glories love it too.

Speaking of morning glories…Calystegia sepium is such an exquisitely beautiful pest. I have witnessed her trying to strangle everyone she meets.

Rubus laciniatus, Cutleaf Evergreen Blackberry or Evergreen Blackberry is a prickly and tasty wild one. The berries are unique and fruitier than the other blackberries.

Delicate, but mighty, Queen Anne’s Lace-Daucus carota.


Hidden Valley Surprises and Traveling Home

These 13 shots were taken March 23, 2014 near Packwood, WA…catching up on posting photographs.

Another batch of Packwood, WA photos…On my way home from Kevin’s place, I went to find the Cowlitz Falls, but found all sorts of photo-worthy plants instead. Never made it to the falls. Phone photos May 27, 2014. Watch for Sasquatch photo!

Another Walk In The Woods

A walk in the woods with Kevin. Photos taken with my phone. May 2014 Packwood, WA.

Mount Rainier and The Beauty Below Her

My mid-May trip to see Kevin in Packwood, Washington has hardly gotten started, but one short trip led to all these photos. I’m using my camera phone and his Olympus. Distance photos are impossible on my phone, but Kevin’s camera keeps having battery issues. Still, I hope you enjoy. These are all Phall Photos 2014. Click on to enlarge.

South-west view of Mt. Rainier.  From a hill above Packwood.

South-west view of Mt. Rainier. From a hill above Packwood.

Taken with the Olympus. Wild things, of the green and colorful kind:

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Taken with my phone camera in the woods and around Packwood:

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Mother’s Day and More; Football and Flowers

May 10/11, 2014 What a wonderful weekend! I had my children (okay, they’re adults!), Sara & Jon, their partners, Caleb & Tiffiny, and the little grands & step-grands, Cora, Nola, Payton, Taylor and Cameron. Cameron (age 2) took–he can be very insistent!– me for a walk, then Cora & Nola kidnapped me for a walk through the park and Centralia College.


Football & Flowers:

Cora tossing one to Caleb

Cora tossing one to Caleb


Nola gathering flowers for her mom.

Nola gathering flowers for her mom.



















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Flowers and Buildings at Centralia College, WA:

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Horse Manure and Art?

Yes, horse manure and art, but the two did not merge, of course!  It has been awhile since I posted to this photo blog, but my new schedule includes posting here each Friday. I am in Packwood, Washington with my boyfriend, Kevin, this week and we took a short trip to pick up some horse manure for amending his front yard. He wants a veggie garden there next year. Along the way, he took me to artist, Dan Klennert’s “Recycled Spirits of Iron Sculpture” park and home. This is also the way to NW Trek and Mount Rainier, but they were not on our itinerary that day. See Klennert’s photos, a map and information about a movie that his art is featured in at

I took these photos on 7 May 2014 using my Samsung 3 phone and Kevin’s Olympus Sp-600UZ. Click on photo to enlarge.



First Frost at Wynoochee Dam, River and Lake

Photos taken 4 December 2013, posted 6 Dec 2013 Although some of it may look like snow, every bit of the white stuff is from 2 mornings of heavy frost. It is snowing tonight at my home in Westport, Washington (right above sea level), so I’m sure there will be some snow for me to snap photos of soon. Here is link to my writer site where I posted about this trip 022 I’m going to try this in a slide show, please let me know if this works for you or if you would rather I post them one at a time. Thanks for your feedback!  I admit this is 89 photos and takes almost 10 minutes if you let it rum by itself. Remember the first photo so you know when it is over.

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